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Saturday, 6 March 2010


Great song, tricky colour. This fabric is still haunting me along with the TOAST cushions that I should have just ordered when I saw them. I haven't made it into London to hunt down something similar. I only have one day a week that my youngest is in nursery all day and this week I did Ikea in the hope that they would have the perfect yellow cushion. Nope. So I hit all the shops locally to see what I could find.

Wandering into Debenhams, I spotted a flash of yellow! Sold. Not velvet fabric, but the shade of yellow looked promising. 20% off the already reasonable £15. But they are the wrong yellow.

I am also not sold on having two of them. SO back they go. They are really a canary yellow, and I want an acid yellow.

But I do have a bit of the right shade of yellow in the house.

I have had these over two weeks now and they are still gorgeous. I love the yellow against the grey vase.

Speaking of grey, as I couldn't track down the Chanel Particuliere nail varnish I bought these:

OMG the Berlin is just hideous. I took a photo of my nails varnished in Berlin but there is no way I am posting it as it was really rather cadaver'esque'. When did my hands start looking so old??? I put the Minsk on my toes and it is quite nice, it is a very dark grey and quite cool but not really something I would wear on my hands.

So there you go, that is what I have been mulling over on my Saturday. I hope your Saturday was more productive!!


  1. my saturday was hectic involving new bed for small boy which ive just blogged about!
    im with you on the yellow you will know the shade when you see it but sometimes you can have that perfect colour in your head for ages and then all of sudden see it! good luck with the search :-)

  2. Very productive Lesley! I just read about it. It looks lovely. Well done. x

  3. Thanks ao :) it made me laugh that my reasons were just what you had put - falling off ladder and about underneath becoming a mess : D

  4. LOL Lesley, great minds think alike!!

  5. That yellow fabric would have been perfect, how annoying for you.
    Not too sure about the grey nail varnish though, I love nail varnish but only on my toe nails, it looks all wrong on my hands.

    The sofa looks great in that room.

  6. good luck with Ikea tomorrow - if you dont have any luck let me know and i will see if i can get one for you from ours :-)