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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Week 2

So the builders came as promised yesterday. It was very busy here all day, with lots of banging and cups of tea. They have put up the framework for the hip to gable roof (covered in blue tarp in picture below, this will be our new roofline), and the dormer is going in tomorrow, weather permitting.
I am sure the builder thinks I am such a fussy cow (which I am). The plans specify a polycarbonate dome in the dormer roof to let light in to the landing. While I agree it is important to let light in, I am not keen on a plastic dome. The builder asked me 'Can I ask why you don't like polycarbonate domes' I replied, 'Because I don't like the sound of rain on them and they get all dull and scratched' (which is true). He gave me a look of , 'Oh, ok....'. So I have been researching alternatives and have found this.

Much more attractive than a polycarb dome don't you think?? The rooflight will measure 1000 x 1500 and hopefully let in lots of light to the stairwell. We won't be having the dodgy halogen circle around the rooflight though!! I guess they wanted to draw attention to it!!!

As this option comes up as considerably more than the polycarb dome, we are having to 'tweak' the budget. One of the things that will have to be 'trimmed' is the flooring. The elements 7 flooring that I posted earlier (I should probably insert a link here to it, but cannot figure out how to do it) is just so expensive. I do think the roof lantern is more 'bang for the buck', so I we are going for that, and I am now on the hunt for some lovely flooring for the space that is going to cost less than £1500! I still really want grey stained oak, so I am flirting with the idea of getting some unsealed oak boards and experimenting with stain. This makes me VERY nervous! Yet again, I find myself wishing for endless pots of cash. Sadly, as usual, I have champagne tastes and a lager budget....

Friday, 24 September 2010

Rain, rain, go away

Well, of course our Indian Summer broke the day the builders came back. They pulled a load of slates off the roof first thing Thursday morning. The heavens then opened, so they drank a million cups of tea and finished off a kilo of biscuits (so back to Poundland I go to get another kilo for a pound - can't say I'm not treating them well....). They then buggered off. They haven't come back since. No leaks yet, but I am very thankful that it hasn't been that windy with the rain, as I am sure the tarp has only stayed put because of the lack of wind. The rain was torrential on Thursday but has only been a minor drizzle since.
Meanwhile, a house 6 doors down started a loft conversion on Monday of this week. They now have the dormer up, the steels went in today. WTF.
I am hoping that it isn't just that our builders don't like getting wet, and that they are actually prudent to not do all this in the rain. I hope the house down the road has had water in as a result. Not that I want to wish them ill, I am just not sure our builders need to be as delicate about it as they have been? Anyway, they have PROMISED me a team of 4 to get the gable end up on Monday.

Are you bored yet? I am...
In more exciting loft news, the very clever and handsome Griffo has posted some pictures on his blog of his loft. Check it out:

Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Not even going to try to justify the massive silence here!!! Not sure if anyone will even be looking at this anymore, but I thought I would update anyway. I want to keep a record of things so that I can look back on this as a log of our work and decisions.

SO, after a considerable amount of time (and money), we finally have a party wall agreement with next door. Scaffolding went up last week. We have a skip (I love having a skip, let the clearing out begin...). The builders arrived yesterday. They moved a load of wood onto the scaffolding. They plonked 4 steels in the front garden. They then sat in my shed for an hour, ate an entire packet of chocolate bourbon biscuits, drank tea, and then buggered off to finish up another job!! Great start. I have been promised a return tomorrow. The weather has been glorious here, so I would like things to start while it is dry.

We moved Miss SLS out of her bedroom at the top of the house as the ceiling outside her bedroom needs to come down as the wall supporting the back of the dormer is just outside her bedroom. So she is now installed in a double bed in the spare room (which she loves).
The photo below is taken from the first floor landing. The door facing the stairs is her bedroom, so the ceiling ouside her room will come out, along with the skylight to turn the roof from a hip to a gable end. I have plans for replacing that skylight that I think I just finalised today. More on that soon!!