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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Let there be light!

What an awful lot of fuss over what seems like not much to me!!! The rooflight has gone in. The project manager came back to me with a letter regarding the installation, somewhere from £180 - £280 to install it. Given that we wouldn't be using the polycarb dome that was in the original quote (£350+vat) we were actually in credit. What a silly arse. So if he had just kept it all to himself, I wouldn't have chased up this extra money. Whatever, it is in. It makes SUCH a difference to the light in the hall, it is so much better up there. I was really worried that the new flight of stairs would make the hall even more gloomy than it had been, but I would say that it is about the same as it was before with just a small velux. The top landing is absolutely flooded in light, which makes me happy, I love bright spaces.

So where are we? As we go into week 7 (!) we are at that stage where there are a million and one 'bits' that need doing/finishing off. The electrician has been an absolute star (and he is SO lovely, if anyone needs an electrician, please do send me an email or leave a comment, as I would so happily recommend him, same goes for the roofer). In connecting up the loft electric supply, he noticed how 'shocking' our electrics are throughout the upstairs. He has rewired the whole upstairs for £1000 (we had a quote for £20k to do the whole house when we moved in, which we knew was outrageous, but we then decided to do it in bits as we redid the house). As the kitchen is new, the wiring is fine there, so we only have the playroom and front room left to do. Really pleased to have had it done, as it did worry me. The previous owner was a DIY bandit, the electrician reckons he did most of the wiring himself. Given that he was a fireman (!) I find it surprising that he would let his family live with such crappy wiring. Anyway, needless to say I am so glad to have had such an easy fix. The electrician that did our kitchen extension was so crap, so I am glad to have met someone so thorough and happy to help me!! He also put a light on the first landing which has made it so much brighter.

So we are waiting on the plasterer coming back to plaster in and around the rooflight. We also need the electrician to come back and do some more bits for us and to hook up the new circuit board (lights on the top of the house currently run from an extension lead!!). We are also waiting on the plumber. The plumber is a really nice bloke, but I would say he is more of a tortoise than a hare. I suspect he will get there in the end, and it will be done properly, but he is certainly s l o w.

Bathroom currently waiting patiently in my front room....

My vola tap!! Sexy, everything about you is so sexxxxy.... 10 points to the person who can name the band??

Shower valve, so close and yet so far.....

Soil pipe in, but loo still to do....

No lights yet.

But we do have doors!!! Horrible fire doors, but they do open and close.

So that is the current state of affairs. I can't wait to have the plasterers finish so that we can get going with the decoration. Yes, that is right, we are decorating it ourselves. Mr SLS is very good at decorating, and every time we have someone else do it, he is p*ssed off with the finish, so he is doing it himself!! We didn't really have a summer holiday this year as we had a bit of a 'summer of austerity' to save for the loft conversion, he has loads of annual leave yet to take. So he is taking off the first week of December to paint the loft room, the ensuite, and the hall stairs and landing. I will be assisting in between school runs (and the gym, and coffee mornings, and all the other very important business that I attend to every day!).
Would love to know what you think if anyone is still reading!!


  1. Its all looking very good, that skylight must make a huge difference all down the stairwell.
    I am deeply envious of your tap which is almost too good to use. Do you spend time just stroking it?

  2. LOL Nick, the tap is tucked up snug waiting to be installed!!

  3. PMSL at the result with the sky light. I bet they are gutted.