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Monday, 11 October 2010

Shower Room

As I mentioned in a post many moons ago, I plan on using marble in the ensuite shower room in the loft. I even conducted a marble 'test' as I was worried that the marble might be stained by our hard water that we have here in SW London. The sample tile that sat in our shower for 6 months is the one in the middle. No orange staining at all. So the marble gets a big tick. The picture below is my inspiration room!! Sadly, my shower room won't have a lovely free standing bath in it! This marble is also much more darkly veined than the sample I think we are going with. It is amazing the variation in the different marbles out there.

I have decided on the marble sample on the left of the three sample tiles above. The veining is much more subtle than the veining on the other two, which I think I prefer. I think the room is too small to carry off the deeper and darker veining. The other reason is that the provider of this sample can also provide me a low profile shower tray made from the same marble. The first picture below is the sample tile that we decided to go with. The second picture below is of the shower tray. This example is in limestone, but it gives you an idea of the look I am hoping to achieve.

I think the tray above is a different material from the wall tile, I am hoping mine won't look darker than the floor or wall tiles. I want it to look as seamless as possible. Mr SLS has always been rather 'anti' wetroom, as everyone we know with one has had leaks. I spent ages researching wedi boards and he was happy with the marble shower tray as a solution. Now he gets his shower tray, and I get the look I want. Win win as they used to say when I was gainfully employed in the big world of business. Now I just spend all day on the internet finding expensive options for our loft room.

We are currently in 'negotiations' regarding the shower. I am loving the idea of a digital shower. Grohe do a lovely model with 3 pre set temperatures. It comes with a wireless remote to start the shower!! Mr SLS thinks it is faddy and doesn't see the point paying double for something that we can do easily ourselves (get out of bed and start the shower and adjust the temperature). I would love any thoughts any of you out there might have. Have you ever come across a digital shower? Do you know anyone who has installed one?

This is the write up from the Grohe website:

Imagine how wonderful life would be, if every morning you could simply press a button and a warm and inviting shower would be waiting for you when you reached your bathroom. The temperature, pre-set to the level of your choosing, and the flow rate finely tuned to suit your mood.Few of us can deny that at some point we've dreamt of such a luxury. With our digital shower Grohtherm Wireless, the dream is now a reality.
PMSL at 'the dream is now a reality'. I will be brave and admit that I have dreams of not having to get up and start the shower. I am not only a fussy cow but also a lazy cow. I can't wait to hear what the builder thinks of it!! Here is a link in case you decide you can't live without one either.

Thursday this week will be an exciting day, as the rooflight will arrive and hopefully be installed, and the stairs are due to go in. Mr SLS has the day off and we plan to visit a few bathroom suppliers to purchase the fittings for the shower room. So expect some pictures soon!! And the outcome of the shower negotiations....


  1. Hi Ao, it all looks lovely, I am very envious. Personally I wouldnt shell out for a digital shower as being something of luddite I would regard it as just something extra to go wrong! Also I like to fine tune the shower temp myself as so many other factors seem to influence my preferred temp, such as the time of day, temp and weather outside and whether I need refreshing or warming through.
    I hope the rest of the week goes to plan.

  2. I think the marble is the most beautiful thing J. I like the idea of a digital shower but I have to say having viewed the unit itself I think it is bit ugly and would be a bit of a blight in your elegant marble deliciousness. I think I would prefer to see a stunningly beautiful shower valve (brushed nickel Vola perhaps with all the money you would save on non digital PMSL). But as I am the ultimate sloth I can appreciate the lure of the remote dear.

  3. So so envious - it's going to look amazing when it's all finished. Personally, I would do without the digital shower. It does seem quite a luxury to turn it on by remote but then I would be dashing to get in there before wasting any water. Just think what else you could buy with the money you save...

  4. Thanks for all your comments ladies!! Mr AO says that your cheque is in the post!!! Helent, you hit the one concern I had on the head, I wasn't really sure about the unit. It is quite small, but I am not sure about the LED screen. Hmmmm, am now rethinking. Thanks for all the feedback.