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Sunday, 3 October 2010

Could it possibly rain any more?

No, seriously, what is this rain all about? We took a daytrip up to visit my inlaws in Cambridge yesterday and it took us 4 hours (normally 2.5hr journey) to get home. As we S L O W L Y made our way home, the rain was lashing down and I had a bad feeling. I was right.Add Image The pics below are about a half hour after we mopped up, the amount of water coming through was unreal. The last picture is of the ceiling above the row of buckets, the water found a crack to come through.
Do you like my lovely assortment of towels? The little ones were very upset by the leak, and kept asking me why I had let the men take the roof off our house.
Fortunately, the rain seems to have stopped for a few days. I had the hall stairs and landing carpet lifted and stored a couple of weeks ago, so we were lucky that the only damage was the ceiling with the crack, and that is to be replaced anyway as there is a loft hatch in it which becomes redundant.
The building work is actually progressing at a very good rate. The dormer frame is up, and the flank wall brickwork is starting on Thursday this week. The builders have broken through in preparation of the stairs going in next week.
I have ordered the rooflight, and it will be delivered next Thursday. I am very excited to see it installed. Hopefully I will have some more interesting snaps to post next week as these things happen. The builder did ask me if I wanted to come up the ladder today to have a look at the space, and I declined. I am a bit of a scardy cat!


  1. Oh no, you poor thing! I hope you've managed to dry everything out. Children seem to get v upset when their sense of security is compromised. Glad to hear progress is picking up... it will all be worth it in the end! I'm booking myself in for a visit...!

  2. Oh that's grim. Hope things have improved and just keep dreaming about it all finished and back to normal.

  3. OMFG!!! That looks awful! Hope all is OK now!?
    It will be worth it in the end, just keep thinking of those fitted cupboards under the eaves.

  4. Thanks guys. No major damage so we were lucky. It mopped up ok and so onwards and upwards!!

  5. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the rain stays away till you are weatherproof.
    I recognse some of those bowls, LOL we shop at Ikea too.
    That skylight looks great.