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Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Not even going to try to justify the massive silence here!!! Not sure if anyone will even be looking at this anymore, but I thought I would update anyway. I want to keep a record of things so that I can look back on this as a log of our work and decisions.

SO, after a considerable amount of time (and money), we finally have a party wall agreement with next door. Scaffolding went up last week. We have a skip (I love having a skip, let the clearing out begin...). The builders arrived yesterday. They moved a load of wood onto the scaffolding. They plonked 4 steels in the front garden. They then sat in my shed for an hour, ate an entire packet of chocolate bourbon biscuits, drank tea, and then buggered off to finish up another job!! Great start. I have been promised a return tomorrow. The weather has been glorious here, so I would like things to start while it is dry.

We moved Miss SLS out of her bedroom at the top of the house as the ceiling outside her bedroom needs to come down as the wall supporting the back of the dormer is just outside her bedroom. So she is now installed in a double bed in the spare room (which she loves).
The photo below is taken from the first floor landing. The door facing the stairs is her bedroom, so the ceiling ouside her room will come out, along with the skylight to turn the roof from a hip to a gable end. I have plans for replacing that skylight that I think I just finalised today. More on that soon!!


  1. May I be the first to congratulate you AO - looking forward to seeing lots more and especially the Poundland shower tray PMSL

    Love Helen

  2. Ah, the things you can pick up at Poundland. If only!!! Would it be too sad to do a blog post about a shower tray?

  3. No, it should be compulsory in my view x