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Friday, 24 September 2010

Rain, rain, go away

Well, of course our Indian Summer broke the day the builders came back. They pulled a load of slates off the roof first thing Thursday morning. The heavens then opened, so they drank a million cups of tea and finished off a kilo of biscuits (so back to Poundland I go to get another kilo for a pound - can't say I'm not treating them well....). They then buggered off. They haven't come back since. No leaks yet, but I am very thankful that it hasn't been that windy with the rain, as I am sure the tarp has only stayed put because of the lack of wind. The rain was torrential on Thursday but has only been a minor drizzle since.
Meanwhile, a house 6 doors down started a loft conversion on Monday of this week. They now have the dormer up, the steels went in today. WTF.
I am hoping that it isn't just that our builders don't like getting wet, and that they are actually prudent to not do all this in the rain. I hope the house down the road has had water in as a result. Not that I want to wish them ill, I am just not sure our builders need to be as delicate about it as they have been? Anyway, they have PROMISED me a team of 4 to get the gable end up on Monday.

Are you bored yet? I am...
In more exciting loft news, the very clever and handsome Griffo has posted some pictures on his blog of his loft. Check it out:

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