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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

2 posts in 2 days!!!

Oh my goodness!! Two posts in two days. Well, I thought now that I am on a roll...

Actually, I am stuck at home with a little boy with an injury. Master SLS had a big fall at the park on Sunday. He was climbing a little fence and went right over the top of it and landed on his nose. He normally has a very gorgeous little button nose, and at the moment, he is looking rather feline (a bit like a lion). Poor chap. Here is a picture I took earlier this morning so that next time he does something dangerous I can pull it out and remind him of what can happen (either that or we can use it in a slide show at his 21st!)

Poor little guy. He is actually very happy playing on the wii and having me to himself. He said he didn't want to go to school today, but I am wondering if tomorrow might be the day!!

I have been trying to get a fabric out of my head for the little loo that I have painted 'Slate' (pic in last post).

I really love this fabric and think it would look fabulous against the grey, but it is £86.01 (question, why include the 1p, surely a flat £86 is enough) a metre. I would be too worried to sew a blind myself in this fabric, in case I screwed it up, which is then going to bring the cost of one blind up to the 200 quid mark. Now, I know people do spend that sort of money on soft furnishings, but I have never been able to bring myself around to it. Have you seen anything similar anywhere? I do have a friend in the US (where this kind of print seems to be much more widely available) who will ship for me, but I kinda just want to order this and be done with it. Thoughts?
OK, I am going to go and be productive and try to scratch some things off my list! And give my little fella lots of snuggles.


  1. I was going to leave a comment about bad parents, but remembered how dreadful I felt when mine did similar things, and thought you wouldnt find it very funny.
    Poor little o, at least little ones heal quickly, unfortunately they dont always learn from their mistakes, I like your idea of keeping a copy to remind him, perhaps laminated in your pocket.

    Have you tried googling or ebay for that fabric, which would be fab against the grey walls.

  2. Love love love the fabric. I also have a problem with fabrics that are prevalent all over US blogs but apparently unavailable here - or prohibitively expensive. John Lewis had a similar fabric in blue, now out of stock. Might be worth checking some Fabric Land type shops rather than the usual fabric houses...?

    Your boy is gorgeous! At least there are no scars!!

  3. Nick_Cee, I am thankful that he is healing quickly and the swelling is going down. Children do regenerate so quickly!

    H_E, it is so frustrating, isn't it! I am seriously considering ordering it though, I just know I won't find anything else that will work as well. We do have a big Fabric Land warehouse nearby, might take a trip over tomorrow. How can tomorrow be Thursday already!