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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Are we there yet?

No. But, inching ever closer.

My lovely friend Nick_Cee asked if we would be tiling the boxing in, which would make sense. We decided rather than spending on more of the marble, we would use the considerable space either side of the loo for some storage. There are doors to either side (currently resting on the other side of the room after being painted), but the idea is that Mr SLS and I get a side each.

Decorating in the shower room is almost complete.

I am planning on putting some sort of cabinet over the loo for storage, or a Kartell Componibili unit under the sink.

Heals used to do a red medicine cabinet in a cross shape, but I can't find it anywhere on their website. I wonder if it has been discontinued? Ikea do a nice one as well, red again. I quite fancy the idea of a bit of red against the grey.

The little loo, just begging for a yellow ikat roman blind. I have gone as far as to order a sample of the fabric. I am hoping I will hate it. Ikea used to do a fabric with a broad yellow stripe but it seems they no longer have it in stock, as I took a little trip over there the other day.

We have decided to have some built in storage made for the wall to the right of the windows in the new loft room, and a run of cupboards under the velux windows to the front. Wardrobes will be mine (over 2 metres of storage, somebody pinch me, I must be dreaming) and the low cupboards will belong to the Mr. Very excited about this. Not so excited that they can't start until week after next, but they are good and very fast these guys, so I think it is worth waiting for. I have asked them to quote for laying the wood floor. I think I have found a substitute for the element7 flooring, it is a mid grey oak called 'twilight' (loved the books ;-) ) , just waiting for a sample to arrive to try and convince Mr SLS.
So the list. The never ending, continually growing list. I need to go through and see what I can cross off and what I need to add. I read somewhere that often the last 10% takes 90% of the effort. Feels like it is taking even more than that!!


  1. Exciting!! Have you tried Kravet London in Chelsea Design Centre for some suitable fabric? I think they might be the solution for all those US style fabrics... I'm hoping they stock the same range as in the US... I'm hoping you'll feel you have no option but to go and check it out for us both!! ;-)

  2. This is all looking marvellous - love the grey walls and the marble tiles are delicious. I also think that the marble shower tray is a triumph. Good work J x

  3. Thanks for the comments ladies!! H_E, I haven't tried Kravet, but I have shown the fabric swatch to interior designer friend who is in Chelsea DC most weeks, so could ask her to have a look for me, or even take a trip up myself, I am sure she would show me around! I have to admit to being a little bit intimidated to go....

    Helen, thank you for the props and for a lovely time on Saturday. You and your family are really lovely!x

  4. ao this is looking great, your shelf space is a good idea and the shades of grey are lovely.
    All the new built-in storage in your room is making me even more envious.