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Monday, 17 January 2011

Another year, another to do list...

Hello! Happy New Year. I hope you had a fabulous holiday season. I can't believe we are more than half way through January already. I had all sorts of plans to post during the holidays, but I came down with flu, as did my youngest, and we were really sick. It lingered on and on, and then went into a sinus infection. So boring. I am now feeling back to normal and am keen to crack on with wrapping up all the lingering bits and bobs that are hanging about. So along with a photo update, I thought I would record a little to do list so that I can get a better idea of what needs to happen around the SLS.

So before Christmas the tiler was about half way through the tiling before he downed tools and went off for 2 and a half weeks. To say that the tiler was a complete knob would be an understatement, he worked half days in the run up to his holiday, he easily could have finished prior to going off, but couldn't be arsed. I won't bore you with the details, but he was a lazy f*ck, but quite good at tiling. I worked out that he was here for 15 working days, not one of them a full day, so I was very glad to say goodbye to him last week. However, I do have 2 tiled showers and 3 floors to show you!!

The ensuite

Still to do in the ensuite:
  • Box in cistern (guy coming on Wed this week to start)

  • Measure up for glass screen to go in channel between sink and shower and for mirror panel for above sink and get them fit.

  • Buy light for above sink (thank you for your suggestion MangoFrog, I have got a little present for you for making a suggestion, please leave me your email address in the comments section and I will arrange to get it to you!)

  • Buy some storage for all our toiletries and something for bottles in the shower.

And then on to the bedroom. This room as become a bit of a workroom for all the rest of the work that has been going on upstairs. While it is almost fully decorated, there are a few tricky bits that Mr SLS and I haven't been bothered to get on with....

Current state of play:

OMG, what an unholy mess. To do in here:

  • Clear out crap

  • Finish painting skirtings, architrave and doors

  • Attach skirtings and various bits of architrave
  • Make a decision about flooring (more on this soon)

  • Get flooring installed

  • Blinds for windows

  • Wardrobes????

  • Move all our stuff up

Gosh, this is making me feel quite sick.

Onwards and downwards, now to the shower room on the next landing. Current status:

  • Get cistern boxed in (again, happening on Wed this week)

  • Touch up paintwork

  • Paint door and windowframes

  • Get rid of that effing hideous doorknob

  • Buy some accessories and storage

  • Buy a blind

  • Sort out small leak from shower door (Mr SLS went a bit nuts with the silicone, and put silicone down the inside of the shower frame, which is a mistake, as it is only supposed to be done from the outside, we now get a little river running out of the right hand side when the shower is on....

Hall Stairs and Landings

Not too bad actually. The bulk of the decorating has been done by Mr SLS and he has done a great job. Here is a little snippet:

To do in Hall, Stairs and Landings:

  • Paint Dado rail the whole way down (fun, fun, fun...)

  • Paint landing outside of new shower room (we left this as we knew the tiler would trash it if we decorated it first

  • Paint hall downstairs

  • Take plastic off the stairs (we put some on when the tiler came back as he was up and down the stairs cutting tiles

  • Put up artwork /mirrors

  • Buy lights (I need 4 pendant lights for the landings)

Are you bored yet? I am. Finally, the little loo on the first landing:

To do in here:
  • Touch up paintwork. Due to and unfortunate incident with some masking tape, a large amount of the paint along the top of the wall is peeling away ( I had the bright idea of taping off the white to get neat edges, and I have wound up a million miles from a neat edge. Sigh. )
  • Paint sash window and door
  • Replace door glass
  • Mirror above sink
  • Yet another cistern to be boxed in
  • Make a blind

So, although we are 90% there, we have the last 10% to finish off, which as they say is always the worst. A lot of these to dos are a blog post in their own right, so I am going to leave you now to put my kids in the bath and cook some supper for Mr SLS. But I would LOVE to know what you think. Any kind words of encouragement??



  1. OMG it looks amazing - those tiles are to die for! There is so much still to do though - rather you than me (although I still need to get a load of stuff finished off in the lounge, hall and 2 bedrooms - oops). You can do it though - just get all the decorating stuff done first and while you are resting (!) surf the net to find the lights/blinds etc. You've done so well so far, the end is in sight... Take care, glad you are feeling better. xx

  2. Oh wow, it's looking amazing. Keep going, it will all be worth it! Can't believe how much it's all changed.

    Do you want to hear my masking tape tip (although not sure worth using it for the wall/ceiling join...)? Apply blue decorator's tape. Run along the edge using your base colour (ie if ceiling is white and walls are coloured, use white). As soon as this is dry, apply your colour. Remove tape before the paint dries. This stops colour bleeding under and stops the tape peeling the colour off!

    Not at all jealous...!

  3. LOL Julia, I wish it was you rather than me!!! I also have 2 bedrooms to sort out after this, and a switch of downstairs rooms planned. I wish I was super rich so that I could get someone in to boss around to do it all!!

    HE, thanks for the tip. I did paint white over the tape (but used normal masking tape, not blue paint) but I didn't take it off while wet, which was my mistake. This colour needed 3 coats, so I thought it would work to leave it up. It really is a mess. My cleaner's boyfriend is a decorator, and she has taken pity on me and has him coming here this coming weekend to sort it out for £90 per day!! So at least that will be one more thing off my list!!

    Thanks for the comments ladies, much appreciated, I do love getting feedback.

  4. WOW your bathrooms/loos are looking great, I am really envious of your en suite and I am not a great fan of marble but that looks lovely.
    Where did you get the shower heads from?
    I love the grey in the small loo, and that yellow fabric will be perfect in there.
    Congratulations to you and mr sls, in a few months you will have forgotten all the aggro and be enjoying your house again.

  5. Nick_cee, the shower head in the ensuite is Hansgroher and the one in the shower room is from Victoria Plumb.

  6. I am getting excited with your project - i love that runner on your stairs.