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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Dusty and Gusty

Well, I left you off at the plasterboarding stage. This is when things really started to drag, as the company who were making the concertina doors and glass above were TOTALLY crap and screwed up a number of times. We therefore had a massive hole in the back of our house for 10 weeks. I was getting more and more irate, and more and more pregnant.
The original kitchen was turned into a downstairs loo, a storage cupboard and a utility room.

Finally, on a freezing cold day in December, the doors and glazing went in. I walked in expecting to be delighted and instead wound up pitching a massive fit as the glazing above the doors was wrong. The glazing bars were in the wrong position, they were supposed to line up with the breaks in the doors. So I made the fitter stay until 10pm to take them back out. I knew if I left them in, I would have had a battle to get them back to redo it. SO back on the lorry they went. The fitter told me he thought I was really 'mean' to make him stay. UH, you fit something that was completely wrong. I then had a massive battle with the company to finally get them to correct their mistake. I even managed to negotiate some money back. Never mess with a pregnant woman. So we had another couple of weeks of this

Finally the glass arrived and we could start doing this. Lots of this.

And then finally time for the kitchen to be installed (or playframe as Miss SLS thought...)

And after weeks of finishing off lots of little jobs, we were left with this:

So there you have it. The biggest bit of building work we have done to date. In retrospect, it doesn't seem that bad, but I know it wasn't fun while it was going on. A couple of months after it was all finished, we had a little Master SLS.


  1. well it was certainly worth the wait - as was your little boy who is a very cute baby! I almost got broody for a second then ;-)
    the kitchen looks fab I just love the vaulted ceiling and your kitchen units :-) I spied a cushlab cushion as well - I have one in the red/cream colourway but can feel another purchase coming on after seeing yours!
    Lesley x

  2. Well done for standing your ground on the glazing - it's hard to do when you're desperate to get everything finished. There are lots of little things in our house that I really wish I had made more of a fuss about (our sliding doors fold to the inside rather than the outside, for example, which is incredibly irritating, and which I didn't notice until after it was too late.)

  3. Ah, thanks for the comments. You are right Lesley, it is a cushlab cushion. I love Cushlab!!

    Georgie, it was painful to have the hole opened back up for another few weeks but it would have really annoyed me if the lines hadn't matched!! Plenty of things did slip by though in just wanting the builders gone, such as crappy skirting boards and other little niggly bits!

  4. OK you have me hooked on your blog now, someone going through the same as us! BH and I have had a peek and boy is your kitchen fab! Love the extension and the vaulted glass roof. Loads of space! Lucky your neighbours have extended we had a mare with planning, wish we had gone back further!