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Monday, 1 February 2010

On My Table

I love flowers. I love all flowers and try to keep some in our home most days. I have been growing an amaryllis bulb since early January. I wanted to keep it in the utility room until it bloomed but it wasn't really growing that well so I have moved it to my kitchen table where it is very light. Here it is 2 weeks ago:

And here it is today!!

Mr SLS is quite into it, he keeps complimenting me on how quickly it is growing. But these are the easiest flowers to grow, it is really just a matter of keeping it watered and away it goes. I think it is going to be white, I can't remember what it said on the packet but hopefully it won't be too long before it sprouts.

Also injecting a bit of green into the house at the moment are these little grape hyacinths that I picked up at Ikea for £2.99.

On reviewing this post, I think that I need to move the candlesticks from the table, I do love them but they are not right with the plant. Funny how seeing the picture on here makes me realise that, because in person they seem right. Do you like them? I picked them up in B&Q for £4.97 each!! I think they are better with the fruit bowl.

Speaking of the kitchen, I am digging out the pics from the rest of the build and some after photos.


  1. the candlesticks are fab - its amazing what you can find at B&Q nowadays :-)
    your kitchen seems like it was a labour of love - just re tiling our kitchen floor was stressful enough so well done on such a big project!

  2. B&Q have really upped their game Lesley, they do have some lovely things. LOL about kitchen being a labour of love, it was a big job, but worth it for the extra space. Thanks for your comment!

  3. Love the pot, the stem design looks very familiar!!!
    I have to say, I hope Mr SLS isn't intimidated by the size, its a very impressive plant!!!!
    Well done on your blogging venture, I can't wait to see more xxx

  4. I am after the spindle lamp that B&Q do - its like the Habitat one but about half the price I think, but then its nice to hold out for the "real thing" sometimes :-) I like that I can go for decorators caulk and come out with a vase and a cushion :-)