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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The plans for the plans

SO now that you know what we have planned, this is what we are thinking of doing to the space.

I love the idea of a separate dressing room and ensuite to the main bedroom, but the space is not big enough and the architect said that putting a wall up will compromise the light to the room to the back.

One day while flipping through Living Etc, I saw this picture and fell in love (in fact I love the whole house, you can see it here

So I sort of imagine the layout to be something like this

The green diagonal lines are to show built in cupboards and drawers. The placement of the bed unit will depend on the head height that we manage to get. A neighbour has already converted their loft and we are using the same company, so I might ask to go and measure up so that I can get the dimensions to make sure it will work. The drawing above is not to scale, so I am still unsure of how much space there will be around the bed, so this plan does depend on it not being too cramped with the bed in the middle of the room!

The walls will be white, and I plan to order the following samples of Engineered Oak Flooring from Element7 - they are both a grey toned oak.

I love the idea of this, I just hope the reality will match expectations.

The ensuite will not be huge, sadly! From the same house in Living etc, I have become a bit obsessed with a carerra marble bathroom.

No space for a bath in the middle of the room sadly! How lovely it must be to have a soak in there. One worry I have about the marble is that it might stain. The water we get is very hard and in our current bathroom it tends to leave a lovely orange residue on the grout which I can (and do!) scrub off, but I know marble is very porous. So I have ordered a sample of the marble from Stonell and it arrived yesterday. I am going to put it in the shower to see if it stains. It has a polished surface, so I hope that will be enough to stop it staining. I also have some marble impregnator (tee hee, such a funny word) that I plan to paint on half the tile to see if that helps. Do you think I am totally anal!!?? ;-) I just don't want to spend all that money on tiles that are going to look crap in 6 months.

So that is the start of the ideas we have for the room. Would love your thoughts....

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