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Saturday, 20 February 2010

Onwards and Upwards...

One of the many reasons I decided to start this blog is that we are hoping to do a loft conversion this year. I wanted somewhere to record all my plans, ideas and to chronicle the work. Plans are currently with the council and we expect to hear mid March if it has been approved.

Here are our plans:

This is the current front elevation (sorry it is a bit wonky, I am still working on my technical skills - another reason for starting a blog)!!

We are proposing a new gable end roof, which means that as you look at the house, it will be a slope to the front of the house, a slope to the back, and lots of extra headroom in the loft.

This is the current side elevation, with the hip roof

This is the proposed new side elevation, but from the other side of the house (imagine splitting the semi in half - wouldn't that be nice) - there will be a rear dormer to create more headroom.


This is the current rear elevation. You can see the slope to the back.

This is the proposed rear elevation, with windows into the new loft room matching in with those of the rest of the house. The original roof line is the dotted line across the new dormer.

So that is how it will look outside. There are a number of these these loft conversions in our road, with quite a few of the 'semi' pairs unbalanced. But to be honest, these houses are quite tall, and you really don't notice those with extensions unless you are looking for them.

So how about inside? Here are the plans

This is the current ground floor. It will remain unchanged, but I thought you might find it interesting anyway!!

Our house is strange in that the back of the L shape is 3 stories (but only two at the front) so there is already a bedroom and bathroom (the window that you can see on the rear elevation on the third floor is Miss SLS's bedroom and a bathroom (well, actually a bath and a sink, no toilet which is the way it was when we bought it, but we have plans for that that I will come to. )

I have put a red line around the new space. Here it is a bit bigger (the ensuite is outlined in blue):

(Sorry, just noticed that the shower should read 900x 1000, not 900x100!!) So those are the plans. I am REALLY hoping they will be approved. I will let you know once they are. I will post my ideas for the space soon!!! Also, I know the drawings are RUBBISH. I have to say the bloke who came around to do the survey and the drawings was a wanker who made a big black mark on my landing carpet and then was really shirty with me when I complained. I have complained to the loft company, and they were very apologetic. Hopefully not a sign of things to come! Good friends of ours in a house a few doors down used them, and they had a good experience. So fingers crossed!!!!


  1. I will have to come and inspect when it's done as I *think* your raised roofline gives you a similar loft layout to ours, as yet uncoverted... Still trying to convice OH though! V exciting! Is that a walk in storage area behind the bedroom? HE x

  2. Hello lovely!! It is all actually one big room (but it does look like two, such a crappy drawing - the 3 rectangles are skylights), but I was just writing another post about how I am going to divide up the room so that I can have a walk in storage area!! You have always got your finger on the pulse!!

    Thanks for the comment hun, and you will be very welcome to come and view!!